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Lifegroups are designed for high school students that want to GROW in their relationships with Jesus and a community of friends on a similar journey. All Lifegroups are designed to help nurture authentic community. This takes a major commitment to value TRUST, HONESTY and TRANSPARENCY. Without these key ingredients your Lifegroup will not flourish and mature. We also encourage the Lifegroups to do EXTRA fun gatherings for the whole grade to connect throughout the year. These could be cookouts, pool parties, bowling nights, skating, Christmas parties, etc. You can also do some service together like build a wheelchair ramp, do yard work for one of our shut-ins or ask Craig for a project.

The last day to join a Lifegroup for the fall semester is September 15th. After the deadline, Lifegroups will be closed to new students until we start again in the fall. You are expected to participate weekly. Only 2 absences are allowed because we can't get to know each other if you are not present. Therefore this needs to be a PRIORITY and will require you to plan ahead make personal sacrifices. Also as a curtesy to your leader's dedication please notify them when you cannot attend. Thanks again for your desire to be open and authentic in your friendships at Lifegroups.

Please note that transportation will be provided from the church to the host home for students in 9-10 grade. Parents must pick you up at the host home by 8 PM. Every student will be expected to help provide a meal for your Lifegroup. You will be assigned and notified by our Lifegroup coordinators of your date.
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