5th Grade Student Information Needed
5th Grade Parents PLEASE fill this form out immediately. Note this information cannot be provided to us by the school. We need this information to keep parents updated about any possible PTA sponsored remote meetings or events. Your FSES PTA is giving EVERY 5th Grade Student a T-Shirt for their 5th Grade Promotion as a gift FREE OF CHARGE. We are asking for home addresses so our PTA can deliver the T-shirts. No one else will have access to this information. If you would prefer not to provide this information please let us know so we can coordinate a pick up.
Email address *
Delivery Address (This information is to deliver T-Shirt and will not be shared with anyone. *
Homeroom Teacher *
Student FIRST Name (Names will be printed on back of all shirts) *
Student LAST Name (Names will be printed on back of all shirts) *
Student T-Shirt Size *
Vote for T-Shirt Color (Color may vary due to supply) The front of the shirt will have the school logo and the back will have each 5th grade student name. *
Have you joined the FSES 5th Grade Class of 2020 Shutterfly Share Site? Please go to link to join. We will share pictures and information here. https://fses5thgradeclassof2020.shutterfly.com/ *
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