Pet Shop Abuse in Japan Comic Book
For my personal project I decided to create a comic raising awareness about pet shop abuse in Japan. It would be very helpful if you could take the time to read through my comic (, and also maybe give me a little feedback (sorry the comic book takes a little time to load). Thank you!
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Do you think a wide span of ages (8 years old and over) will understand this comic? Is it not too difficult? *
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How aware were you of pet shop abuse in Japan before reading this comic? *
I did not know pet shop abuse even existed
I knew pet shop abuse existed
How new was the content of this comic book to you? (pet industry, euthanization system, etc.) *
I already knew all of these things
All of this was new to me
What did you think of the aesthetics of the comic? *
Displeasing to the eye
Pleasing to the eye
What did you think of the structure/font/shot types in the comic? *
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Easy to follow
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Perfect length - it held my attention the whole time
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