ChopArt Board of Directors Application
Thank you for your interest in joining the ChopArt Board of Directors, an integral role in the capacity and growth development of our organization. ChopArt is a small and growing organization with exemplary program standards and growth. We serve thousands of youth experiencing homelessness in Atlanta, New Orleans, India, and Ghana each year through comprehensive exposure to the Arts. ChopArt uses a volunteer based model for all aspects of the organization. We are hoping to move away from this model to establish a more secure and sustainable organization.

The main roles of the Board of Directors are governance and resource development. As we continue to grow, we depend on the resource development skills of our Founder, Board of Directors, and Committees to facilitate the receipt of the financial and human resources necessary for our success. We're excited that you've decided to take this ride with us and help us to continue serving homeless youth in meaningful ways.

Please see below for the standards of the Board of Directors as well as the application.

A little more about us:
Board of Director Performance Standards
The following standards are based on an annual basis and are likely to be scaled on a year-by-year basis:

Serve on Board of Directors for two years with an annual review.

Give a yearly gift of $200 to be paid by January 31st and June 1st and to accrue weekly interest if unpaid.

Raise at least $1000 for organization. May include cash contributions or grants.

Participate on a committee for resource development.

Attend ChopArt fundraising events and participate in hosting committees.

Volunteer with ChopArt at least once a year.

Attend 80% of monthly conference calls.

Attend annual, in-person retreat.

Board of Directors Application:
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Where do you currently work/what is your role?
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If selected, which committee would you be interested in joining or leading?
Please describe the mutual benefits you anticipate between yourself and ChopArt resulting from your involvement in the Board of Directors:
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Please describe your experience with board governance:
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If you haven't had much experience with board governance, what leadership can you bring to the team and how has your leadership impacted a past or current project?
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Why do you feel ChopArt's' mission is important work for the community?
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Do you have fundraising experience?
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Thank you for your application!
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