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Complete this form to submit work and workshop proposals to Deep Space Mind.215.  Please see instructions for submitting to DSM.215's collective mental health tool,  A Living Experience, and to submit healing justice workshops or groups to our new Community Wellness Network.


The DSM.215 mental health tool will be Philly's answer to the Diagnostic Statistical Manual [DSM-5], traditionally used to diagnose people struggling with mental wellness. The DSM.215 instead will focus on ways to live well even in times of scarcity. The book will be used to showcase the healing power of Philly Residents, and to advocate and train communities on ways to develop their own alternative wellness systems locally.

Due to COVID-19, we will be building this publication in real time online so that our communities can access wellness and healing tools that their neighbors are putting into practice. This online space is the DSM.215's A Living Experience, and will  be a visceral representation of the kind of world  our mentally  or chronically ill and/or  neurodivergent neighbors can create together, outside of the constraints of mainstream psychiatry and medical institutions.

 A Living Experience invites community members into a shared mindspace that celebrates the full diversity of minds and bodies, respects the collective and historical trauma of our community and our land, and provides a blueprint for joy and understanding in the midst of the psychically stigmatizing reality we inhabit.

Please email clearly labeled work to deepspacemind215 at gmail dot com in an easy to open attachment [PDF., JPEG., GIF., etc].

Contributors will be compensated.


TThe DSM.215 Network is a new collective platform for healing justice groups and practitioners who use their lived, local experience to build resilience  and wellness in their communities in a time when we need it  the most.

DSM.215 Will host monthly free therapeutic groups, wellness activities, and community building virtually,
for now, and IRL later, provided by members of the network.

We want to increase access to needed wellness services and social connection for folks in Philly most impacted by Covid-19, especially those with existing physical and mental health challenges.
We invite local healers committed to wellness that centers healing and disability justice to contribute workshops, leadership, articles, groups, and media to the Dsm.215 network.

Contributors will be compensated.

Both of these opportunities are available to people and groups who have lived experience of mental health challenges or differences. Stipends will be provided for both opportunities.
Interested contributors can donate their stipends to the DSM.215 Network, so that funds can be used to support contributors in need of wage replacement.

For more information please visit deepspacemind215 dot com or email deepspacemind215 at gmail dot com.
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