I want to let you know what you can expect from me!

Hostess Resources:

I have a folder set up for you. it has all the things you might need in one place! This is great if you were at work and forgot your catalogs, you ran out of catalogs, or maybe you lost your customer special flier!
It has:
1) a link to full digital catalog the customer specials flier
2) and a printable order form

I want to provide you with the BEST experience EVER! So here's some things you can expect from me:
Website Event:
I will be setting up an event on my website where people can go and order directly from your party online. As soon as I get that set up, you'll get an email with your hostess login information!
Facebook Event:
If we chose to do a Facebook party with your event, I'll be setting that up also! Once I get that set up, you'll get a link from me. You'll join the event and then add your friends. And I take care of the rest!
Checking In:
Each Monday, I'll send you a message with your party total. And each individual order, I'll send a message showing you that someone ordered and how much it was!
I'm here for you!
Here's one of the customer specials your friends and family can take advantage of:
Here's the hostess special YOU can earn!
If at ANY time...you need something...more catalogs, more order forms...for me to total an order for you...you're having a bad day and need a good joke...I'm here for you :) You can text/call/FB message/email, anything you'd like! I will talk to you soon! And remember, let me know if you have ANY questions! My #1 goal is to get you as much FREE PRODUCT as I possibly can!
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