Village of Antwerp Community Feedback
All Village of Antwerp residents are invited to take this survey about what improvements are needed in the Village. The purpose of this survey is to guide the creation of a strategic plan and goals. Having a plan in place better situates the Village to apply for and receive grant funding. Your input is a crucial part in ensuring that Antwerp continues to be a great place to live and work. 

We ask that you only take this survey one time.

There are several "sections" of this survey. Please answer each question to the best of your ability and continue  through each section until you reach the "thank you" page where you can submit your form. Expect the survey to take about five minutes to complete. 

*This survey is being conducted by the Village of Antwerp.

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Parks and Recreation 
Improvements to infrastructure related to parks and recreation in the Village?

(think: shelter house, restroom, parking, trails, number of ball fields, acres of land)
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Improvements to amenities related to parks and recreation in the Village?

(think: lighting, playground equipment, programs)
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Which of the following parks needs the most attention or improvement?
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Which of the following do you think should or could be added in the Village of Antwerp to improve the park facilities? Check all that apply
Please elaborate on any answers in this section. Feel free to add specific details about what you believe needs improved related to parks and recreation. 
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