Pre-Ordering Jo Thomas & Fox Spirit Books
Jo Thomas ( is an attending author at the Chapter.Con event ( There are several published Jo Thomases but this one is yours. She writes science fiction, fantasy and horror. Jo's novels have been published by Fox Spirit Books (, who also publish some other equally fluffy-tailed, genre-bending work - and who have agreed to supply some extra books and goodies.

So, this form is intended to help Jo and FS Books get numbers right for the event! Some copies of the Elkie Bernstein trilogy and certain goodies will also be available at the event but the Monster and Pockets anthologies are only available for pre-order!

(Although Jo will be bringing her own copies of the anthologies to display so you can rifle through them and consider looking through Fox Spirit's back catalogue at a later date.)

The order form will close on Wednesday 31st May. Whenever you choose to submit your order, we will process it and send you an invoice via PayPal. Payment must be received by Wednesday 7th June to ensure that books can be ordered in time to arrive for the event.

The Elkie Bernstein Trilogy
Elkie Bernstein begins her adventures in rural North Wales as a fifteen year old girl and grows into her early twenties. While the first book, 25 Ways To Kill A Werewolf, is very well described by the title, the series is also about growing up and coming to terms with relationships that become toxic. While not intentionally YA, it may suit a mature YA. I recommend trying the first chapter (here: As part of the pre-order, these books are £7 individually but £20 if you order all three - the individual price will go up to £7.50 on the day. They will be signed.
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The Fox Spirit Books of Monsters
The Monsters book series are anthologies of dark fiction and art about monsters from around the world, starting with Europe in 2014, continuing with Africa in 2015 and then Asia in 2016. Further books in the series are planned. Jo was co-editor of the Europe and Africa editions. These books are available at a slight discount of £9.50 each and £27 if you order all three. They will not be signed unless specifically requested (use the questions and comments field at the very bottom of the form) and Jo will only sign the Europe and Africa editions.
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The Fox Pockets
The Fox Pocket series are small but perfectly formed anthologies of flash fiction, giving the reader bite sized introductions to Fox Spirit and the writers we love to work with. All designed to fit perfectly into the pocket so you can take a little fox with you everywhere you go. Jo was published in the Missing Monarchs edition. These books are £5 individually but £23 for five and £45 if you order all ten. These will not be signed.
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Pick Your Goodies!
The very generous Auntie Fox (Adele Wearing, noble yet feral leader of Fox Spirit Books) has made a number of goodies available to pre-order and on the day. We will also have some badges, stickers, bookmarks and postcards for free. The first 10 pre-orders of the full Elkie trilogy can have a "For Fox Sake Read" tote bag for free.
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