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Washes hands and uses proper glove procedures. *
Uses charts or direction from manager to determine run sizes. *
Only cooks on a clean grill. *
Beef Patties
Uses both hands to lay beef patties. Right to Left, Front to Back. *
Prepares a clean UHC tray with liner. *
Flips 1/4 Meat over before seasoning. Proper seasoning of beef patties. *
Removes beef patties R to L, F to B *
Discards Old Product when timer goes off. *
Grill Chicken
Sprays 4 sweeping sprays of Olive Oil *
Uses blue gloves when handling grill chicken and disposes before touching anything else. *
Cooks maximum run of 4. *
Place in UHC without a liner & Seasons. *
Properly Cleans Grill. Squeegee both tops and bottom. Uses towel 4 times an hour to clean release sheets. *
Sprays butter over rings. I sweeping spray for every 2 rings. *
Uses blue gloves when handling raw eggs. *
Immediately removes blue gloves after cracking all the eggs. *
Uses yoke breaker to break yokes. *
Pours 2 ounces of water into the center of the egg ring. *
Finished eggs are moist, gel yoke - not over cooked, not brown on outside. *
Grilled Onions
Gather ingredients. – Single batch: - Slivered onions: pour onions from the bag into the onion measuring cup up to the 5 line on the cup. Use a white Hutzler flat spatula to help guide the onions into the cup. - Liquid onion reduction (LOR): 1 full bag. – Double batch: - Slivered onions: 1 full bag of slivered onions. - LOR: 2 full bags. *
Pour the slivered onions into a 6-inch deep, 1/3-size white container. Add the LOR to the container. Use a white Hutzler flat spatula to mix thoroughly. Cover the container with a white lid. Mark the container with a 24-hour holding time. Store in the walk-in refrigerator. *
Cooks onions by Measuring Proper amount, Pour and Spread on grill. *
Places in UCH tray with no liner uses super spatula to remove from grill. *
Area Cleanliness
Keep area clean and stocked *
Back splash, fronts of grills, floor. Stocks freezers/Seasoning/ Tray Liners when caught up.
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