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Hi. This form is the location that you submit your story for possible inclusion in the Stories in EDU book. The book will be published with the highest industry standards. It will look great and read great. Members of the Bretzmann Group make up the Stories in EDU committee. The committee decides which stories to include in the book. All decisions of the committee are final. We recommend you write your story on a separate document and paste it into the category of your choice. Good luck with your submission(s). Tell great stories!
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2. Making and Creating
Please share a story of how you or your students have made things or created things. How did you start? Why were the process or the outcomes meaningful? What were the results? Was what  you made part of the learning process, or was something made to show the learning? Did the "Making" happen in a specific space, or is making embedded in everything you do? As you reflect on the experiences, what are your takeaways? What could we all learn from your experiences? What should we get from your story? What does your story explain about the power of education and educators or a general truth about human nature? Feel free to use the questions and guidance above if they help, but don't feel like you have to use them all. If it makes more sense, answer your own questions. Mostly, just tell a great story about the making and creating you saw and engaged in as an educator. Share An Important Lesson (SAIL) so we can SAIL With A Fleet!
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⬛ Please submit a story of 1000-4000 words. ⬛ Submission deadline is August 15, 2018. ⬛ Upon submission, the Bretzmann Group retains the copyright to your story so that it can be published. If you are notified that the committee has not chosen your story, all copyright protections return to you for your story. ⬛ Upon publication, you will receive one free copy of the book. There is no commitment required to purchase additional books. ⬛ You will be able to purchase copies of the book at wholesale pricing of $10 per book (free shipping to U.S. addresses) The book will retail for ~$24.95 ⬛ Please contact for additional discounts on bulk orders or direct shipping on bulk orders. ⬛ Please note that some edits to your story may be needed as recommended by our team of copy editors in order to make your story even more awesome. ⬛ Thanks for sharing your story with the world!
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