Todai To Texas 2020 Application
Thank you for your interest in joining Todai To Texas! We appreciate your sparing time to fill out this form.

You might feel overwhelmed by a number of questions below, but each item will be considered carefully during the entire screening process. So we hope you do the best to express how attractive your projects are. Actually, the number of characters you can input is limited, and they will be much shorter than you may expect. So keep your sentences as simple as possible, and our recommendation is first to fill out all the fields roughly to see how much text can be entered, and then brush up your expressions later.

This form can be modified until the deadline. So you can (and recommended to) submit it in draft status. After submission, a link for editing will be sent by automatic reply email. Just click the link, and the form will be displayed with your draft texts filled. Because your draft will not be viewed by judges before the deadline, so don't hesitate to save a draft at your earliest convenience. You can also edit the form in collaboration with team members just by sharing the edit link (please be aware that if more than one person works at the same time, the content may be overwritten or lost).

If you do not receive automatic email even after 30 minutes, or if you have any other questions, please contact us (
Basic information
Please share basic information about your products / projects.
The contents here will be used for future introductions (Of course you can change it later. Please tell us about the current situation.)
Product / Project Name *
Please enter the name of the product or project. (40 character limit)
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One-liner *
Please introduce your product / project in a few words. (50 character limit)
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Summary *
Please briefly describe your product / project. (300 character limit)
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Member and contact information
Please enter the names and job/school information of all the team members line by line, referring to the example below.

For currently attending students, faculty and grade should be included. If you have already graduated, please input both of your current company and the school (incl. department, faculty, year) you graduated from.
Please Note: Non-University of Tokyo students are also eligible for application. Please check the website for details.

Ichiro Todai / University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies, XX Lab M1
Hanako Sausu / TTT Co., Ltd., University of Tokyo, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Class of 20XX
Jiro Texas / Stanford University, Computer Science B4
Member List *
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Contact Person *
Please enter the name of the person (among the members above) who will communicate with the TTT staff team.
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Email Address *
We will use this email address for future communications, so please check carefully.
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Company Name
If you have a corporation, please enter the official company name. If you do not have a corporation, you can leave it blank.
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Website URL
If you have a website, please enter the URL. If you do not have a website yet, you can leave it blank.
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Which slot do you want to select? *
If you meet both conditions, you can make a request for both slots. In addition, please note that the TTT staff may change the slot regardless of your wishes. Please see the website for details of each slot.
1. Problem
Please describe the problem you are trying to solve.
・ You might want to mention these things: what kind of problem you are solving, what kind of people are suffering from the problem, and how they are dealing with it now.
・ Niche problem that a few people have is perfectly all right. In that case, please explain as clearly as possible so that even non-experts can understand the problem.
・ Even if your product or technology can be used for multiple purposes, or if the expected use cases are not clear yet, please enter something. It may be a good idea to think about the elements such as Who, Where, and When.
Problem One-liner *
What problems are you trying to solve in a nutshell? (200 character limit)
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Problem Summary *
Please explain the problem in more detail. It does not matter if the content overlaps with the above One-liner. (500 character limit)
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2. Solution
Please introduce your product.
How it works *
Please introduce about 3 features (function or mechanism) of the product. (500 character limit)
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Image / Movie / Demo URL *
Please share videos and photos that show the current status of the product (s). You can also use slides and PDF files. If there are multiple files, upload them to Google Drive etc. and enter the URL of the parent folder here. Before uploading, check the sharing settings so that people who know the URL can view it. All the purpose of this information is to help us understand your product visually. So it doesn't have to be elaborate, it can be simple photos and videos taken with your smartphone -- we just don't want you to spend much time in struggling with Adobe apps. If you have a good video already, you can put it here of course, though.
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Technology *
What kind of technology do you use? You can use bulleted items, but please add a description if there is something you want to mention. (300 character limit)
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Competitor *
Please name one specific product or company, and tell us your advantage and difference. (300 character limit)
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Development Plan *
(1) Please briefly describe the expected prototype you will show at TTT Demo Day and (2) at SXSW. (400 character limit)
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Challenges *
Please describe challenges you must overcome (including technical challenges and others). (200 character limit)
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Traction & Funding *
Do you already have any active users, customers, or covered by media publications? If you already fundraised as a corporation, please explain the content and amount if possible. You can enter "None" if it is not applicable. (200 character limit)
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3. Team
Please tell us about your team here.
Story *
Why did you start this project? If you have a reason why you should work on this project, please share it. (400 character limit)
Your answer
Speed *
Is there any reason you can keep with speed? Please explain the time that each team member can spend, how fast , etc. (300 character limit)
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Skills & Project Experience *
For each member, please describe their skills, backgrounds, award histories, project experiences, and other appeals. (It can be bulleted or written, and there is no limit on the number of characters, but please do not make it too long or complicated.)
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4. Why SXSW
Please let us know how you will take an advantage of, and maximize the advantage of, this opportunity. TTT encourages each team to work on setting up their goals. Next is the last section. Please keep it up to the end!
Big Goal *
What is your project vision and mission? SXSW is the place for people who is creating, or trying to create, a new future. How do you think the future of the world will change if your product or concept spreads? Please try to describe. (300 character limit)
Your answer
Goal in SXSW *
What is the purpose of exhibiting at SXSW? Please indicate what you want to achieve at SXSW. You probably don't know much about SXSW, but you can imagine it to answer this section. (300 character limit)
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Weirdness *
Please tell us how crazy and weird your ideas are. (300 character limit)
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We would appreciate your cooperation to improve TTT, our own project.
How did you first find out Todai To Texas? *
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Please check all from the following that apply to you.
Please let us know if you have any other questions.
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Thank you for filling out!
That is all for the TTT application form. There is no 2nd page! Thank you for your entry. As we mentioned at the beginning, this form can be modified until the deadline date. Please re-check your e-mail address,and feel free to submit!
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