AfroShoot asks photographers from Africa & its Diaspora
AfroShoot's mission is to celebrate & promote your work to the mainstream but also to engage you in new dialogues encompassing paths, stories, visions, struggles, knowledge that will define more precisely what African Photography is about.
In order to achieve that, we need to know and understand you a lot more. We thus wish to carry out this survey so that we could target your needs as Photographers from Africa & its diaspora in order to move forward more efficiently in the building of our organisation and mission.

TAKE PART IN THIS SURVEY FOR A CHANCE TO WIN A BOOK "BKO-RAK, photographes de Bamako et de Marrakesh"
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How did you hear about Afroshoot?
What do you think of AfroShoot’s mission? (refer to description & website)
How is photography perceived in your country?
Are you part of any artist collectives or organisations? If yes, please name them
Do you want to become a AfroShoot member? (Free: more exposure to partners, collaborators, more chance to be involved in AfroShoot activities and other benefits will be later developed)
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What type of photography do you do?
Have you been exhibited before?
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Have you already sold some of your work?
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At another level, we'd like to get more information
This information is vital in order to direct AfroShoot in the right direction for all of us
Where are you originally from? / Where did you grow up?/ Where are you based? We want to hear about your story!
What is your gender?
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As a photographer from Africa or African descent what are the difficulties you have been facing on your photographic path?
What do you need in order to succeed in your own mission? (anything from marketing, studio space, funds, mentoring, workshop, etc. - this question will help us direct our activities toward a fruitful collaboration)
Link to your portfolio!
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