Romsey Show - Saturday 14th September 2019
Please fill out a separate form for each helper/teacher/tower.

The information will be used by the organisers and the Guild Education Committee to help with organising the show day, the taster morning, and arranging lessons for potential new ringers afterwards. In accordance with the Guild's Data Protection Policy, the data will only be used for these purposes. People also have the right at any time to request that any data held on them be deleted.
Your name *
e.g. John Smith
e-mail *
Are you wiling to help on Saturday 14th September *
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Willing to help
If you can help, which is your preferred role *
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Talking to members of the public
Ringing on the mobile belfry and giving people a go
Are you willing to help with contacting potential new ringers by phone afterwards *
After the event we would like to speak to each person expressing interest to check whether they are coming to the taster morning, and keep in regular contact to arrange lessons afterwards.
Are you able to help with the 'Taster Morning' at Hursley on 12th October *
Are you willing to help with teaching bell handling afterwards *
We will match potential new ringers with teachers/towers and also arrange for some group bell handling lessons in different parts of each District. Dates/times to be agreed once we know who wishes to learn.
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