Pre-survey for the "Reproducibility for Everyone" Professional Development Workshop at #SfN19 [Sat | Oct 19 | 9 - 11AM]
Science depends on reproducibility to build trust within and beyond the research community.

To maximize the efficiency and output of this workshop we've prepared a short survey for all participants. The goals of the survey are the following:

* Assess your prior knowledge about reproducible research and workflows
* Assess your most desirable outcomes from this workshop
* Assess how we can help you increase reproducibility of your daily research
* Get you engaged and excited about this workshop

The goal for the workshop is to provide you with a starting point to make your work more reproducible. The workshop will help you develop best practices that will accelerate your research and make it easier for you, your collaborators, and the broader scientific community to use the results of your work in future work.

Don't worry, this survey will take 5 minutes or less. All questions can have multiple answers.
Have you ever had problems reproducing your own or someone else's research? *
What major improvements could lead to more reproducibility? *
What tools do you currently use to improve reproducibility in your own research? Please enumerate your tools in a comma separated list. E.g. github, electronic notebooks,
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Which of the following will enable you to make your work more reproducible? *
What would you like to get out of this workshop? *
What kind of reproducible research tools would you like to know more about? *
If you’d like to, please share any anecdotes about how reproducibility issues have affected your work or that of someone else.
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I am a(n)
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Thank you very much and see you on Saturday (October 19th)!
Reproducibility for Everyone, #SfN19 | Saturday, October 19, 2019 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM | Room N228
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