REGISTRATION: Virtual Insanity Conference 14/11 09:00-13:00 Brussels
The phenomenon of digital political campaigning has caught global public attention with the twin shocks of the Brexit referendum and the US presidential election in 2016 (and the related Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandal). Since then, the tension between the integrity of electoral systems and a vastly unregulated digital sphere have arguably become an inherent danger to democracies worldwide. It is clear that additional safeguards are needed that would allow regulators, and the public more generally, to understand who is funding what online. Accordingly, after her nomination, European Commission President-elect Ursula von der Leyen announced her plans for a European Democracy Action Plan that should include legislative proposals to guarantee transparency in political advertising. In 2018 already, a self-regulatory Code of Practice was signed between the European Commission, major tech companies and advertisers, but its implementation has been called into question in several quarters.

Before the European Parliament elections of 2019, the European Partnership for Democracy (EPD) commissioned research to be conducted in three countries, the Czech Republic, Italy and the Netherlands, in order to monitor the level to which tech platforms comply with the Code of Practice against disinformation on matters related to digital political advertising. EPD kindly invites you to join a discussion with the researchers, civil society representatives and policy makers on this subject.

14/11 09:00-13:00
Brussels (location tbc)
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