Arts for inclusion in European creative schools.
Answering the following short questionnaire you will contribute to the collection of good practices of arts in education for inclusion of minorities and migrant children that is being realized by Erasmus KA3 META (Minority Education Through Arts) project.

The challenge the EU education system faces is to value and put in use the wealth children bring with them and do not leave a single child behind, unattended or unseen, because of his/her personal history or community/family background. Arts in education encourage children to get out of the shadow where they might have sought refuge in an unwelcoming classroom.
Please share with us your experience of mainstreaming arts in education and let us advocate for nurturing creativity and social inclusion in every EU classroom.

If you wish, you will become part of a EU network that is seeking recognition of arts as a means of freedom and full development in education.
Title of the project
Type of School
How long does the project last?
Clear selection
What are the innovative aspects in your project?
What kind of arts are you working with?
Is inclusion of migrant children and belonging to minorities a priority of your project?
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Did you have to fund-raise to obtain external resources?
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Are you interested in being part of META international network that advocates for mainstreaming arts in inclusive education?
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Please share with us your contacts (name, e-mail, website, blog) in case of positive answer
Anything you would like to add or share with us! Please feel free to be... artistic!
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