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Preorders are now being accepted for Girl Alt Delete, a cutting-edge suspense by Jill Marie Denton, author of the "Second Saga" series and "Clearing The Rail." Submitting this form reserves a signed copy of this new paperback and guarantees free shipping and exclusive swag, including a sneak peek at what Jill's working on next, and a recorded interview with the author. 

The book is scheduled for release July, 2023 and will be mailed immediately upon release. If you're interested in receiving the book from Jill Marie personally, the events she's attending are listed below and on her website Email her with any questions or concerns!

Advanced reviews of Girl Alt Delete:
"Mysterious and Edgy"      "So well done. Wow!"    "F*cking brilliant."   

Back Cover Blurb:  "Being a hacker has its perks. I'm privy to the stuff you'd prefer to keep hidden, whether you want me to be or not. It's a good thing I'm on the side of justice. I have no interest in you if you keep your nose clean. When you threaten my bosses, though, I'll become your worst nightmare. I've come too far in this life, and been on too many walks through hell, to let you escape unscathed. Challenge me. Go ahead. I dare you."

~She's the ultimate protector, the ever-present guardian. She's everywhere and nowhere at once, haunting the edges of the internet to protect five famous women. They saved her from a life behind bars. Now, she saves them from those who threaten their safety and privacy. It's a full-time job, one she's been training for her entire life. From devastating betrayal to ultimate conquest, this is her story.

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