Summer Vacation as it Should be!
At Under Canvas, we believe that being #OutsideTogether is not a privilege, it's a MUST! In line with our mission, we want to help more people enjoy the outdoors with a summer vacation they'll never forget. Through Tuesday, June 4, we are inviting those who could not otherwise afford to get #OutsideTogether to #paywhatyoucan. Please answer just a few questions below to receive consideration for a stay at one of Under Canvas' eight camps, nation-wide, located by America's most iconic national parks! Once your submission is received, you and your family will be considered for a stay with us this summer for which you’ll pay no more than you can afford. All decisions will be announced by Friday, June 7, the eve of National Get Outside Day. We're excited to share the outdoors with you this summer!
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Please note this isn’t a contest and we’re not promising any particular number of stays. In addition, lodging does not include transport or meals for your potential stay with Under Canvas. Please keep that in mind when letting us know what you can pay.
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