Spring 2021 Volunteer Interest Form
Thank you for being willing to help us out. We will be maintaining the same procedures as we did during the fall semester , as we are being very careful about our volunteer activities so we can continue our important work of getting food to kids that need it while protecting our volunteers and the community at large against the spread of COVID-19.

This form will be used to add to our list of volunteers that we can reach out to. After we review your form, we will send you the link to a sign-up page for you to volunteer on specific dates.

Families are welcome, but children should be at least middle school aged or older.
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MUST READ & CHECK ALL of these statements to ensure compliance with new restrictions *
About what has been your and your family's level of social interaction during the outbreak? *
Your association with Feeding Our Kids (you can check more than one) *
If you are coming as a family, how many total people?
FOOD SORTS: Scheduled for Mondays at 5-7 PM and Tuesdays at 3-5 PM. Please let us know which you are available for. (You can select both.)
TRUCK DELIVERY: Scheduled for the 2nd Monday of each month at 9:30 AM and 12:30 PM. Please let us know which you are available for. (You can select both.)
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