Additional License Request for Edutopia Content
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1. Specifically what materials do you wish to license (include corresponding URLs from the Edutopia site and indicate whether you wish to include only text, only visual elements, or both)? *
2. What is your purpose for requesting a license from Edutopia? Please include the title of any courses, books, special projects, etc. *
3. Do you intend to make any derivative works from any Edutopia materials? If so, please describe such works (Note that we may request copies of any such derivative works before we grant the Additional License.) *
4. To whom do you intend to distribute the Edutopia materials (or any derivative works, if applicable), and approximately how many people do you expect will receive such materials? *
5. For what period of time do you plan to use the materials from the Edutopia site? *
6. Are you planning to charge any fees in connection with use of the materials from the Edutopia site? If so, please describe the fees charged. *
7. Is your request contingent upon higher-quality source material from Edutopia than what is available on the website? If so, describe specifically what higher quality assets you would like to use (including video, images, and text) and please note that Edutopia only provides source material in very few circumstances. *
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