PORONGURUP WINE FESTIVAL 2017 One Wok Wonder - Adult Registration
Event Date: Sunday, 5 March 2017
Event Address: Karrivale, 153 Woodlands Road, Porongurup, WA 6324
Contact us at (08) 9853 1113 or 0418 555 072
Email: events@porongurup.com
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REGISTER BY FRIDAY, 17 FEBRUARY 2017 (please note places are limited)
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MUST USE INGREDIENTS - select 3 out of the following list
1. Use your choice of 3 MUST USE INGREDIENTS,
2. Supplied for you: 3 ingredients, a Wok, 2 ring Gas burner & Gas bottle.
3. Contestants MUST BRING OWN other ingredients required for the dish, cooking utensils, chopping board, presentation plate and copy of their recipe.
5. Preparation & cooking time 30 minutes. No pre-cooking of any ingredients is allowed.
6. Contestants must clean up work area immediately after cooking
7. Contestants will be judged on Taste, Creativity & Presentation
Must be set up before 3:00 pm
Commence cooking at 3:15 pm
Judging & Presentation 3:45 pm
Clean up completed by 4:15 pm
Photo courtesy: Julie Holland, ACE Camera Club Inc
ENQUIRIES: Events Co-ordinator - Nichola Broad - Email: events@porongurup.com Ph: 08 9853 1113 / 0418 555 072
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