MMB - Spring - Application

>> Dates: March 31st at 8 AM PST - April 7th at Midnight PST
>> PDF Materials due by March 19th
>> PDF Materials released to you: A week before the launch
>> Affiliate System: please register here:
>> Contributor Commissions:

65% of each sale you bring in + Equal cut of the Authors Pool

Authors pool is calculated the following way:
* 10% of all sales contributors bring in
* 25% of all sales that affiliates bring in
* 50% of all sales after costs that influencers bring in - please note that most of the influencers charge advertising fees, so you will get 50% of the revenue they bring in once the advertising fee is recouped.

The authors pool is divided equally between the contributors

>>Payout: 2 weeks after end of the launch

>>Minimum value of your contribution: $15

>>Spring Mega Bundle Themes/Ideas:

I highly encourage you to create a brand new content for this bundle or add your latest creation that has never been in the bundle before.

Thank you.

Anita -
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