WYEP Summer Music Festival, June 24th, 2017

I Made It! market joins WYEP for our seventh year as part of the WYEP Summer Music Festival.

Set Up: this event is outside and there is no electricity available; vendors will need to bring lighting, a 10x10 tent, and the tables/chairs you need. Weather: This is our 6th year for this event and as you know in Pgh, it can be very hot, or rainy or windy or any number of fun conditions. We'll go on as long as the music festival is happening. We've had both wonderful weather and rain and we had a bunch of fun and got to hear some A+ live music. Electricity is not available for this show. Tent weights are required.

This year's market is on a Saturday and includes local music and a kids area. Vendors will be required to stay the entire time.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We will feature 24 artists at this event.

Vendor Fee: a deposit of $40 paid in advance. The fee will be 20% of sales from the event; 10% will support WYEP and 10% will go to I Made It! Market. Your deposit will stand as the first $40 of payment, if you do not reach $40 to pay as the fee you will be refunded a portion of your payment.

Application Deadline:
Saturday, April 29th
Artist Acceptance Notification: By Wednesday, May 3rd

Saturday, June 25
Event: 2 - 11 pm
set up between 12-2 as assigned, load out begins at 11 pm

Location: Across from Schenley Plaza, Oakland
our artists will line up in two rows on the street (between Schenley Plaza and the Carnegie Library). It is important to note that tents must be 10x10 and all displays must be contained within vendor tents to enable emergency vehicles to pass through if necessary.

Community Partner:
WYEP 91.3 fm
Why? Did you realize that 1/2 of our mission is to raise awareness and funds for non-profit, community and arts organizations? Well, it is! So come and support local artists and Best Buddies and your heart will grow for having done it!

+ A full social media and promotional campaign will promote artists and the event.

++ ARTISTS SELECTION: 24 artists will be juried and admitted to this event based on quality of wares, diversity of wares, and appropriateness of item's esthetic to the audience that shops at our markets. This is the 7th year of holding marketplaces. We are privileged to receive a large number of applications from lovely and talented makers for each event. Unfortunately, we will not be able to accept all applicants but encourage artists who are on our waiting list to apply for additional IMI events, as we strive to provide opportunities for as many artists as possible to bring their wares to market.

++ WAITING LIST: We always experience a few cancellations and will pull from the waiting list if spots become open.

++ VENDOR AGREEMENT: We will send you an agreement to sign which should be scanned and emailed or mailed back to us preceding each event.

++ SALES: There is no guarantee that participating artists will have sales the day of the market. IMI works to ensure superior public relations, advertising and public awareness of the event and the purpose of the event – to purchase handmade wares and inspire relationship building/new customers for participating artists. Tips and best practices for preparing your space, arranging your goods, and building relationships will be shared with artists leading up to the event. However, sales, the day of the event is each artist’s responsibility.

++ TAXES: Each artist/vendor is responsible for reporting and paying sales tax. For Pittsburgh taxes see: http://www.city.pittsburgh.pa.us/finance/html/forms-business.html#business

++ INSURANCE: is the responsibility of the artist. All artists should have business liability insurance.

++ FOOD VENDORS: All food vendors must be licensed and carry their permitting with them at the event.

Questions: info (at) imadeitmarket.com

Application Note:
We will notify you within 7 days of that your application has been received as submitted and will provide info about our selection process. If you do not receive a confirmation email within 2 days of application, please email us at info@imadeitmarket.com to confirm.
You MUST SCROLL DOWN and fill in all questions ending with have you participated in an IMI before and then hit SUBMIT for us to receive your application.

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