Title 1 Schools Only - Tennessee Hollow Watershed Trekkers Field Trip Application 2016-2017 School Year
Place-based learning in the field enlivens and enhances classroom learning. The Presidio’s natural areas are an extraordinary educational resource for lessons on plants, wildlife, geology and ecology.

The Tennessee Hollow Watershed is a wonderfully varied rich landscape of different habitats, whose heart lies at El Polín Spring. Newly restored to interpret a rich natural and cultural history, this valley provides many wildlife viewing opportunities through serpentine grassland, dunes, coastal scrub, redwoods, and willow riparian corridor.

Field trips to the Tennessee Hollow Watershed will include the following experiences:
• A fun sensory hike where students journal as they learn about unique native plant and wildlife species
• Explore the concept of a watershed
• Participate in an environmental service project where students are engaged in actively helping to improve the park for plants, wildlife, and humans
• Hands-on activities whereby students explore the biological relationships that make up our local ecosystems

**Limited transportation is available to eligible schools. For more information or to submit your application: https://goo.gl/sbvpzG.

WE ARE ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS FROM NOW UNTIL JULY 31. YOU WILL BE NOTIFIED BY SEPTEMBER 1, 2016 AS TO THE STATUS OF YOUR APPLICATION. Due to the high demand and limited capacity for all programs, we are not able to accommodate all applications. For more information on our selection process, please visit: https://goo.gl/Ak0jAX.

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