Artist Alley Application 2015

We will begin accepting applications on July 20 12 pm EST and we will end on August 31, 11:59 pm EST. All applications submitted prior to or after this time frame will be discarded.

Artist Alley membership is $65 and includes two Artist Alley badges and one 2x8’ covered table. In addition, Artist Alley membership grants access to all other general convention events. Please be advised, there will be no staff to man your table except under extreme circumstances. Security will be manning the Artist Alley and access will be cut off when the Artist Alley is closed. In addition, doors will be locked after hours.

Hours of Operation are as follows:
Friday: (10 AM for artists) 12 PM -7 PM
Saturday: (9AM for artists) 10 AM -8 PM
Sunday: (9AM for artists) 10 AM - 4 PM

Registration details:
You must submit your application via the supplied form. Once your application is received, it will be reviewed, and you will receive a response email advising of your acceptance or decline for Artist Alley. Should you be accepted, your email will include instructions on how to register. Please do NOT submit emails requesting when your application will be reviewed. You will receive a response after application submission is closed.

General rules:
- All convention rules, state and federal laws apply.
- Artist Alley tables are limited only to the parties that purchased them (maximum 2 persons per table). In other words, if you didn’t pay or split cost for a table, you’re not authorized to sell your merchandise, even if the purchasing party gave you permission. This is a convention rule. Should you find a potential artist who wishes to split the table with you after you have registered, you must email us for approval PRIOR to the convention. Without prior approval, splitting a table will not be permitted.
- All artists will be assigned to a table. Artists may request for special seating arrangements at the time of application should they wish for a particular area of the Alley or wish to sit near another artist. Please note these arrangements are not guaranteed but will be accommodated as closely as possible. Artists are not permitted to exchange tables without consent from Artist Alley staff.
- If you purchase a table, you may not resell it under any circumstances. We require the legitimate information of the person attending for security purposes.
- Be advised, all displays must be no more than 12 feet high and must be sturdy. They should not extend past your designated area. Also, no displays are permitted on the walls.
- Only Artist Alley members are authorized behind their tables. Unless approved in advance, security will address this issue.
- No crafting equipment that emits loud noise or noxious fumes is permitted.

Guidelines and restrictions for Artist Alley (subject to change at any time in the event of US copyright changes):

The following is permitted for sale at Artist Alley: original artwork, fanart (please refer to fan art guidelines below), parody art, commissions, and artist-crafted toys, jewelry, clothing, accessories, sculptures.

Fanart must not be reproductions of licensed images and must be at least a 50% deviation from the original designs and styles, in accordance with the U.S. Copyright laws.

The following is not permitted at Artist Alley: licensed and commercial merchandise, whether new or used, food or beverage, weapons, or pirated items (including unlicensed merchandise with designs using copyrighted material.) Licensed artwork may not be used on merchandise (ie buttons of trademarked art or logos.)

Homestuck-related merchandise is not permitted per request of the creator. This includes prints, plushies, apparel, accessories, stationary, stickers, etc. Please refer to the FAQ published by creator Andrew Hussie:

Please note that as we have children attending this convention, merchandise with adult content is not permitted to be on display. This includes sexually explicit content, extreme violence and gore.

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