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What: This is a part of #StopAntiAsianHate Rally & Run across eight towns along Boston Marathon Route. 这次活动是波士顿马拉松沿线八镇共同举牌反对针对亚裔仇恨的组成部分。

When: 3/27, Saturday, 10-11:30am 本周六上午10到11:30。

Where: Sidewalk from Wellesley Congregational Church all the way to Wellesley/Newton border along Washington St. - 3 miles in total. 4 stations will be set up along the route for demonstration gathering and water (see map below).  跑步将在卫斯理会众教堂出发到卫斯理/牛顿交界处截止的人行道上完成,总长度3英里。延路会设置4个给跑步者的补水站,也是举牌志愿者的聚集站。

How to participate: Please sign up below as a runner, demonstrator, or reporter. 欢迎您报名作为跑步/行走志愿者、举牌志愿者、或者报道志愿者。

Any donations to cover the rally costs are welcome too - https://wellesleychineseschool.org/donation/ (please specify "Wellesley Rally" in donation purpose box). 欢迎您为本次活动的慷慨捐助,请使用以上卫斯理中文学校的捐款链接,并注明“Wellesley Rally”捐款用途。

Funds raised will mainly be used to order "StopAntiAsianHate" slogan prints to be distributed to runners and lawn signs to be distributed to Wellesley residents. We will also donate books other materials related to Asian American history to Wellesley Public Schools and Public Libraries. It is part of our initiatives to propose WPS for adding Asian American history and literature to their curriculum. 所筹集的捐款将用于打印活动标语粘贴在跑步活动者的衣服上,打印户外标语在社区内免费发放,购买美国亚裔历史有关的书籍捐赠给镇公校和图书馆,并进一步推动镇公校在课程内容里增加相关教学内容。


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