Returning from Covid-19 for Year 10, Year 12 and Secondary Children of Key Workers
Dear Parent/Carer,

Following on from the government guidance, we have now finalised our plans to invite year 10 and year 12 students into school for some face-to-face contact with teaching staff from 15th June.

We have deliberated long and hard about this process and how best to do this whilst considering safety as the paramount importance. We have also had to constantly review our plans because of the ever changing guidance provided to schools. In the last round of consultation, questions were asked about social distancing, what classrooms would look like and how school would be organised. Based on the responses of this initial consultation we have: risk assessed the site (in line with Bolton LA and Government's National guidelines), the staff we have available, cleaning schedules, logistics of the school etc.

From the 15th June, we have 5 weeks before the summer break to offer some face-to face contact. Based on the responses we have had from parents/ carers we plan to have students in "BUBBLES.” These bubbles will have a MAXIMUM OF 12 students in them from the same year group (except for vulnerable and critical worker groups which will be mixed age). Students will remain in the same bubble throughout this period of time.
Each student will be invited into school for 2 mornings per week. This will either be Monday and Tuesday or Thursday and Friday. During this time, on each day students will have the opportunity to access one period of Maths, English and Science. There will also be opportunities for students to ask questions about their remote learning in their option subjects as well as opportunities to look at their wellbeing during this time. Each bubble will have its own members of staff assigned predominantly from Maths, English and Science so the students have access to subject specialists. I must make it clear that it is more likely that students will have teaching staff from other classes than the ones they are used to and it is likely they will be in different rooms than they are usually taught in. In class, each student will have a table assigned to them that they will stay at. The classes may look very different from those that children knew before Covid. Each bubble will be timetabled in separate bays in school and we plan to open double classrooms to help adhere to social distancing guidelines. School will close for Year 10 & 12 students on Wednesdays. (but not key workers or vulnerable students). This will allow us to deep clean areas used.

Organising the new school day in this way allows us to keep to the government guidelines of no more than ¼ of the year group in at any time and reduces the chances of bubbles not mixing at any point.
We are doing everything possible to prioritise safety throughout this time and strict regulations will be in place to ensure we keep everyone as safe as possible, including during social time. Students will be given a break time in between sessions but these will be staggered to avoid contact from students and staff in other bubbles. We are also looking at staggered starts to the day for the different bubbles and using two different entrances: Main entrance from Stich-mi-Lane for key workers/ vulnerbale bubble and the top entrance to school from Newby Road for Year 10&12. Year 10 should enter school via level 3 and Y12 via level 5. These arrangements will be stipulated in the letter you receive next week. Please note, if a student arrives late for their bubble, it may not be possible to attend school on that day due to staffing constraints. Bubbles will leave site in the same way at a designated time. No lunch is available for secondary students.

On arrival on site, each student will confirm each day that their household remains Covid symptom free and that their contact details are correct. Students will be asked to remove any PPE (eg face masks or gloves when arriving at school - this is to comply with government guidance with regard Covid 19 and soft materials).
Students will walk from their designated entrance straight to their designated double classroom. Students may bring in a drink but this can only be water and in a disposable container but NOTHING else. Students are not expected to wear uniform each day. Instead they will be required to wear FRESH CLEAN CLOTHING EACH DAY.

Staff are required to wear PPE when dealing with illness or first aid incidents. Strict toileting and handwashing procedures will take place throughout the day. Only one student will be able to use a toilet bank at a time, to prevent bubbles mixing. ADDITIONAL CLEANING will take place of these facilities during the course of the day.

If a member of a bubble tests positive for Covid (either pupil or staff) the whole bubble will be required to self-isolate for 14 days. A room has been set aside in school for children who are symptomatic and parents/ carers will be expected to collect their child IMMEDIATELY. Staff supervising in this situation will wear full PPE.

In addition we will be implementing a Behaviour Policy addendum during this time. This includes a zero-tolerance approach to disruptive behaviour that may impact on the safety of any bubble or bubble member or other member of school community. This approach will result in the withdrawal of a place.

These are slow measured steps, as an Academy we have a duty to ensure that everyone feels safe and we trust that you will help us in implementing these steps. Although we will take every single care to ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of your child, unfortunately we cannot guarantee that your child will not come into contact with a carrier of Covid-19. Ultimately it is your decision whether you want your child in school and it is NOT COMPULSORY FOR YOUR CHILD TO ATTEND.

Please note all the above is subject to change in line with government and Public Health England guidance.

IMPORTANT - This new home academy agreement must be completed before Friday 12th June in order for your child/ren to start back w/c 15th June 2020.

Thank you for your support and understanding during this time.

Jason Whittaker
Deputy Head
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Revised Home-Academy Agreement
In order to access a place for your child/ren you are required to understand and agree (by ticking) to ALL the statements below:
I confirm that nobody within my household is in a shielding category *
I confirm that my child and ALL members of my household do not have any underlying health condition (as listed by the UK government) that makes them clinically extremely vulnerable to Covid-19 *
I confirm that my child and ALL members of my household do not have any underlying health condition (as listed by the UK government) that makes them clinically vulnerable to Covid-19 *
I confirm that if my child, or anyone in my household, shows symptoms of COVID-19, I will not send them to school, we will self-isolate for 14 days as a family, I will get them tested and I will let the school know as soon as possible via telephone 01204 332 533 *
I confirm that if my child, or another child in their bubble, shows symptoms of COVID-19 at school, I will collect my child from school immediately *
I understand that my child/ren MUST arrive and depart to/ from school adhering to the 2metre social distancing rules. I confirm and understand that I will apply the same rules if I am dropping my child/ren off at school. *
I understand that I must send my child to school each day in fresh, clean clothes (school uniform at this time is not compulsory) but appropriate footwear must be worn (no open toe sandals) *
I understand that my child/ren will be required each day to confirm that my household remains free of Covid-19 symptoms *
I understand that if my child/ren arrive late they will not be able to attend on that day *
I understand that my child/ren must not bring any items into school with them or take items home from school with the exception of a disposable water container - I understand that this container will be disposed of at lunchtime *
I understand that any PPE (eg gloves or face masks) will be asked to be removed and taken home at drop off *
I will remind my child/ren about social distancing rules but accept they are difficult to follow and that my child may not always do this successfully *
I understand that staff in school will encourage social distancing but will be unable to enforce this *
I understand that my child/ren will be asked to wash their hands frequently and regularly throughout the day - I will help my child/ren to understand this *
I understand that my child/ren will be required to use good respiratory hygiene - I help my child to understand this *
I understand that I will not be allowed beyond the drop off zone at the school gates and that any questions/ queries that I have must be sent via telephone or email *
I understand that the Academy requires my support to create an environment that is safe and secure for all members of it's community *
I understand that I am required to read all notices displayed, letters/messages/emails that are sent home *
I understand that I need to inform the school immediately of any changes to parents/carer and emergency contacts details *
I understand that if my child's behaviour is deemed unsafe/ disruptive, he/she will be sent home and cannot return to school *
I understand that although the Academy will take every single care to ensure the health, safety and well being of my child/ren, unfortunately there cannot be a guarantee that my child will not come into contact with a carrier of Covid-19 *
I understand that timings of bubbles and the ability of the Academy to offer my child a place may change (at short notice) due to a range of factors including but not inclusive of: staff illness, suspected infection of another pupil, changes set out by HM Government or Public Health England *
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