Booking Form for Derbyshire DA's - Bonfire Meet 2018 at the Ukrainian Centre
This form is to be used for electronically booking your place at Derbyshire DA's New Year Event at Weston upon Trent between the 2nd and 4th November 2018.

You do not need to complete this form if you have already filled in and posted the print version of this form. This form is for those that wish to book online and send payment via Bank Transfer.

Email address *
What is your Lead Booking Name? *
e.g Andrew Smith
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What is your Camping and Caravanning Club Membership Number? *
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What DA/Section do you belong to? *
This is marked on your membership card (eg. Derbyshire DA)
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What is your address including postcode? *
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What is your telephone number? *
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The £36 weekend fee covers 2 adults, how many additional adults (over 18) will you have in your unit? *
Additional adults are charged at £10 per adult per stay
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What are the names and membership numbers of the additional adults? *
e.g. Ann Other 987654, if there are no additional adults write N/A
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Whats type of unit do you have? *
What is your Vehicle Registration number? *
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What is the total number of adults in your unit? *
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What is the total number of children in your unit? *
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What is the total amount payable? *
You need to write here what the sum of the standard weekend fee (£36 which includes 2 adults children) plus any additional adults in your unit (over the 2 already included) at £10 per stay. So if there were 4 adults in your unit, the total amount payable would be £56.
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Confirmation *
Payment Information
Please can you bank transfer the total cost of your booking to the following account:
Account Name: CCCDDA
Sort Code: 30-96-18
Account Number: 00851246

You will need to add a reference to your transfer, so that we can trace your booking to the amount paid into our account. Please can you start your reference with your Lead Bookers Surname, followed by your Lead Booking Name membership number.
Eg. Smith123456

What is your booking reference (see above)? *
Write here what booking reference you are adding with your online payment so we can trace it (just incase you have a long surname etc and have to shorten it to fit)
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A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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