2019 Pride Pageant
Saturday, August 24, 2019 at the Holiday Inn Conference Center, 1805 W. Hill Ave

Mr & Miss South Georgia Pride Pageant
$50.00 Entry Fee PAID IN ADVANCE - you can complete the application online here and make payment by PayPal, Cash App or by mailing in your payment.
DAY OF Pageant $75.00 Registration and payment can be made the day of the Pageant from 4pm-6pm
Doors open at 7pm
Pageant Starts at 8pm
Prizes: Miss South Georgia Pride
First Place: Crown, Sash, Trophy, & $300 cash ($200 at Pageant & $100 at crown give up),
First Runner Up: $75.00 cash
Mr. South Georgia Pride:
First Place: Crown, Sash, Trophy,, & $300 cash ($200 at Pageant & $100 at crown give up)
First Runner Up: $75.00 cash
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I understand the following. *All decision of the South Georgia Pride Pageant 2019 judges and staff are final and binding. Contestants judged to be impaired and/or intoxicated may be removed from Pageant competition by South Georgia Pride at any time. Participation in the Pageant is voluntary and South Georgia Pride, Inc and The Holiday Inn Conference Center are not responsible for any and all liability which may be incurred by participation or competition in the Pageant.I have read and understand the rules and regulations and agree to abide by them *
You can pay for your Registration quickly and easily with PayPal. We will email a PayPal invoice for your to pay or you can print the form and include a check with your application. Printed Registrations should be mailed to: South Georgia Pride, Inc. PO Box 132 Valdosta GA 31603 How do you want to pay for the space? * *
Rules & Regulations• **The winner(s) will be able to use the name of the Pageant and the Title, when approved by South Georgia Pride Board Members. **South Georgia Pride, Inc owns the concept and titles of King and Queen of South Georgia Pride. **If selected, the winner will need to represent appropriately the South Georgia Pride Committee and the LGBT community throughout South Georgia Pride Week and at other events throughout our region as determined and agreed upon by the South Georgia Pride Committee and the winners. **Contestants will be judged in the following categories: ,Presentation (Self Expression), Evening Gown/Formal Wear, and Talent. **Talent will be limited to 7 minutes. Prop set-up and tear-down will be limited to 5 minutes total. **Any time violation will result in a 1 point per judge deduction. **Any type of talent is acceptable except those that may cause injury to the audience or any other person. NO excessive Glitter, No Fire, and No Water may be used in any Talent. **We do not discriminate against contestants based on gender identity or expression. Furthermore, the pageant does not place restrictions on the use of hormones or elective transitional surgical procedures (i.e. breast enhancement, silicone injections, etc.). **Contestants must be (18) and be able to show proof of age. **The South Georgia Pride Board Members, Committee, its sponsors, and any participating establishment or venue are not to be held responsible for covering costs of any other Pageant or activity that the winner may participate in during the next year as Title holders. **The South Georgia Pride Committee and its Directors and Staff are not responsible for any loss of items, and/or any damage to private property or person at any time during the application process, orientation, or the competition. **The South Georgia Pride Committee shall have 100% control over all advertising and promotion for this event and shall retain the right to photograph, audio record, and/or video record any images and performances for publications or promotional materials. **The use of illegal substances by contestants, dressers, and other members of a contestant’s talent number are prohibited. Violation will result in immediate disqualification without refund of the entrance fee. **Excessive consumption of Alcoholic Beverages by the contestant, helpers, or dancers will also result in disqualification without refund of the entrance fee. **Any contestant not in the appointed place at the appointed time (i.e. contestant check-in, start of pageant, etc.) will have a one point per judge deduction. **Any contestant whose actions are interpreted as demeaning to the title of Miss or Mr. South Georgia Pride will be disqualified without refund of the entrance fee. This includes, but is not limited to, use or dispensing of any illegal drug. **Competition order will be determined the evening of the pageant by drawing numbers. **Each contestant may have one dresser. Due to space limitations, other members of a contestant’s talent ensemble (dancers, prop persons, etc.) may only enter the dressing room prior to the contestant’s performance Only contestants and one dresser are allowed free entry to the event. **Contestants will be judged in the following categories: Presentation, Evening Wear, On-Stage Question, and Talent. **Judging will be based on a total-points-accumulated system. Score sheets will be furnished by South Georgia Pride. **Talent set-ups, strikes and presentations will be timed. Points will be deducted for exceeding the given time limits. **Any contestant or assistant caught in the act of stealing or tampering with another person’s possessions will be immediately disqualified and removed from the contest without refund of the entrance fee. **Each competition category (Mr or Miss) will only proceed into Pageant if there are at least three (3) contestants (per category, independent of each other). **Rules and Regulation are subject to change. **Requirements **South Georgia Pride Pageant Titleholders (Mr and Miss) are required to: **Attend the 2019 South Georgia Pride Festival with crown **Organize at least one (1) fundraiser during their reign that benefits South Georgia Pride (They will get 10% of the fundraiser) **Attend the 2019 Mr & Miss South Georgia Pride Pageant **Encourage new contestants to enter the 2020 South Georgia Pride Pageant **Begin working with the Pride Committee to help Promote South Georgia Pride Events throughout the year. **Attend at least two community events in full regalia during their title year **Be educated and can educate others of issues that affect our community. **Remember all titleholders past and present of South Georgia Pride’s Pageant become our public figureheads and essentially become community role models—so please act accordingly, because your attendance at other community events is noticed. I have read and understand the Rules, Regulations & Requirements *
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