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Doula care, which includes non-clinical emotional, physical and informational support before,
during and after birth, is a proven key strategy to improve maternal and infant health. Insurance reimbursement for doula care would increase the availability and accessibility of this type of support. As the state moves forward in finding innovative ways to combat health disparities, it is critical to view access to Doula Care as an important Health Equity intervention.

Doula services under private insurance and the Medicaid Program. It is critical that families in RI have access to Doula Care in order to create a healthier Rhode Island. In Rhode Island, there has been an increase in severe maternal morbidity rates, particularly among Black women (306.0 /10,000) compared to White women (179.4/10,000). Studies have shown that Doula Care improves health outcomes for both mothers and babies.

What Will the Policy Do?
• will make perinatal doula services eligible for coverage under Medicaid and private insurance and reimburse doulas for the care they give
• recommends the establishment of a statewide registry of perinatal doulas;
• will NOT require any doula to be certified or meet these requirements, unless they would like to be eligible for reimbursement through insurance.

We Support A Policy That:
• Provides access to doula care during the prenatal, childbirth, and postpartum periods, in accordance with the needs and wishes of the mother.
• Recognizes the importance of increased training, support and capacity development for doulas, including doulas from racially, ethnically, socioeconomically and culturally diverse communities
• Increases access to Doula care as a tool to help improve birth outcomes and reduce the higher rates of maternal morbidity and mortality among women of color in the United States.
• Has payment levels that are sufficient to support the care provided

For more information on H5609 & S0678 contact:
Kavelle Christie - Planned Parenthood of Southern New England; Rhode Island Coalition for Reproductive Freedom - or 401-632-6025
(View the Doula Care summary here: )

For more information about sharing your stories, contact:
Tiara Mack - Women's Health and Education Fund; Rhode Island Coalition for Reproductive Freedom
Jennifer Rourke - The Womxn Project; Rhode Island Coalition for Reproductive Freedom -
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