Developing Guidance for Adapting to Shifting Fish Stocks - 4/23/2019 Webinar Follow-up Survey
Climate change is altering the distribution of marine species, causing many to shift away from traditional fishing grounds. When a population shifts, managers must decide who should be allowed to catch the fish in their new location. This can pose challenges, such as difficult trade-offs between fairness and economic efficiency.

To help managers address such challenges, a group of researchers at Gulf of Maine Research Institute will be reviewing how various regions and countries have responded to shifting fish populations.Do you know of any fisheries that have experienced or are currently experiencing such changes? We would like to ask for your help in identifying cases for us to review by answering the questions below. Your help is much appreciated!

To learn more, download the project fact sheet at

Do you know of any fisheries or stocks that are affected by changes in stock distribution and/or migration pattern? *
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