Issues in Ingress Prime
We, the players that helped build Ingress into an amazing game, would like to show our appreciation for giving us this opportunity. This awesome game has taken us places across the globe. We have friends (and family) we would have never known and we have created a truly international community. We are writing this petition because ultimately, we value our community and to lose it would be devastating. It has been and is amazing for us all! As you know July 19th, 2019 all of us had the opportunity to use Ingress Prime exclusively due to server maintenance on the Redacted scanner. This forced many players to download Ingress Prime to continue playing the game we love. We all know the original scanner must be retired. But after this experience, we feel essential improvements need to be made before this action to maintain accessibility for all. With this petition, we would like to express our concerns and suggestions to ensure we keep our community together and keep us playing.

The graphical part of Ingress Prime
* A feature to turn off the additional graphics or make the scanner more static would make Ingress Prime more accessible to all players. Field movement, flashing lines when glyph hacking and seeing all the action of players around you can be confusing. Additionally, the flashing on the scanner has led to headaches and nausea for some players. This may also improve gameplay in low signal areas as we are unable to effectively interact with portals in areas with networks less than 4G capabilities using Ingress Prime.
* A feature to bypass the graphics during hacking would speed up gameplay. After hacking portal items are shown slowly and other actions cannot be taken until the pop up is clicked away.
* The speed bonus should instantly after glyph hacking a portal. Currently, the speed bonus takes too long to display.
* Photos of portals should be fully visible in the key management area. They are not needed in comm and it is an additional drain on resources.
* Speed is essential during gameplay. After the location is acquired, we should be able to bypass animation quickly to allow for faster reaction time in the game.
* A force sync option is essential. Currently, when the scanner has issues, we are forced to restart the entire app.
* Players should have the option to bypass the "globe animation" when starting the scanner. It would speed up the gameplay.

The instability of the Ingress Prime app
* The app is crashing even doing simple interactions such as upgrading resonators or recharging as well as during more complicated fielding plans. This must be improved to alleviate the frustration players are currently having.

The view of the scanner
* The profile should always be accessible. The ability to view comm and use a power cube with one click is great, but this disappears after selecting a portal and then “x”.
* Add the ability to share our profile with others.
* Selecting portals is difficult, especially in high dense portal areas. This needs to be improved. Portals need to be more visible.
* The XM needs to be more visible on the scanner. This was great in June, but now that the event has ended it is no longer visible.
* All items should be able to be recycled from the item. Currently from the portal view keys must be “managed” or “dropped”. Then there is an extra step in manage to “recycle” or “drop”.
* Navigating to a portal is essential for gameplay.

* Frequently hacks do not register for missions. This requires using multiple heat sinks or waiting to hack again. This extends greatly the time it takes to complete a mission or Mission Day event.
* The scanner requires restarting multiple times to register missions or hacks.
* For missions with passphrases or multiple-choice answers, the text is often truncated. This makes the mission impossible to complete.

We do acknowledge there are many improvements in Ingress Prime. We appreciate you considering additional improvements from your playerbase before retiring the Redacted Scanner. You have the power to make these and other improvements to keep our community strong and ultimately playing Ingress.

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