MiT - Case Harvesting - Phase 1
This form is part of the case study harvesting activity of the Municipalities in Transition project (MiT). Please find more information about the project and the purpose of this form at

Please read the instructions below carefully before filling out the form, and this PDF file (with all the questions you will be asked - not all of them have to be filled in:

Immediately after filling in the form, in case you want to edit minor details, you will have the option to go back and do so.

What are we searching for?
We need to gather information about experiences* (cases or case studies) where local governments are involved in a stable and organized way in something that has (or tries to have) the features of a Transition process.

The cases can be directly connected with the Transition movement (where Local Initiatives or the Transition Hub are involved), partially connected (inspired by), or completely disconnected (but showing transition features anyway).

The cases can be in different stages of implementation: design stage, just started, fully developed, going on for a long time, or recently concluded (over the past year).

We are not looking for cases of single, one shot, extemporaneous actions that are not connected or contained in a wider systemic design (see below for further details).

*We will use part of this information to showcase the experiences on the Municipalities in Transition website.

Experiences should show:
- A systemic approach in the design and management of a transition process towards resilience, sustainability, respect for planetary boundaries, economic activity in balance with available resources, social justice, happiness and prosperity (and ideally include a degree of acceptance of complexity)

- Head, Heart, Hands development (best data, best care of relationships/social aspects, action)

- Long-term intentions (vision)

Who will undertake the mapping efforts?
For Phase 1 (until end of September 2017): Transition Hubs, Initiatives and all those involved in Transition, on a voluntary basis (with possible exceptions, see below). For Phase 2, a deeper study of selected cases starting in October 2017, there will be a seed funding wave.
How long will Phase 1 last for?
We have set a deadline of 30/09/2017 for Phase 1 of the project and are aiming to collect as much information as possible by that date. However, we will continue collecting and sharing information about interesting cases throughout the whole project, and hopefully beyond 2019. All information received afterwards will go on to support further developments and fundraising.

In Phase 2 we will choose the most interesting and promising cases and allocate seed funding to support/explore the cases in more depth before choosing 3 case studies as pilots for 2018. There are between 18,000 - 23,000 Euros allocated for the seed-funding across all the phase 2 cases identified.

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