Tech Academy Summer STEM Application

We are seeking enthusiastic applicants for our Summer Camp Technology Teacher and Assistant positions!

Tech Academy teaches week-long technology classes throughout Minnesota. We offer Minecraft, Movie Making, Video Game Design, Legos, and Robotics classes for students ages 6-14. Ideal applicants for Teacher positions are college students/graduates with experience with elementary-age children or licensed teachers. Ideal applicants for Assistant positions are tech-savvy high school or college students or those qualified for the Lead Teacher position looking for a more relaxed role in the classroom. Many of our past employees were able to use our positions to satisfy internship requirements.

You must be available for at least 6 weeks this summer, from June 6 to August 26. Classes typically run Monday-Thursday with occasional Fridays, and you will need to be available from 8am to 4pm all week. Some classes run in only the morning or just the afternoon, and sometimes both. We have over 100 locations throughout the twin cities.

As a teacher or assistant, you will be driving to your site, typically a school or community education building. You will be responsible for bringing 2-3 plastic bins of equipment per class, which you will then be set up in a classroom before students arrive. You will need a vehicle to transport class equipment. Our headquarter location is in Roseville, Minnesota. Rochester teachers/assistants only need to come to the Twin Cities twice a summer, once for training and again at the end of summer to return equipment.

**Training and Equipment**
Before teaching or assisting, teachers complete 12 hours of online training on essential camp management and leadership skills and then complete an in-house 12-hour employee orientation. We provided all the equipment and curriculum needed to teach classes.

Knowledge of Legos, Minecraft, Programming, or Robotics experience
Background in tutoring/coaching kids

Teachers: $16-$30 an hour
Office Staff $12-20 an hour
Assistants $12-$17 an hour
Prep and training: $10.50 an hour

-Excellent Communication Skills
-Experience with Elementary age children
-Have a valid driver’s license
-You will be required to complete a local and national background check
-Be very comfortable with technology and using computers
-A reliable vehicle that can transport up to 4 large plastic totes
-Able to lift equipment totes weighing up to 40 pounds
-You must be very punctual and reliable.
-You need to be able to work independently and communicate via email and phone with us regularly
Patient, positive personality

**If applying as a teacher**
-You must be self-confident, energetic, creative, and assertive enough to control a class of high energy elementary-age kids
-Be organized and efficient to run an effective class

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