HMS/HSDM Student Council Budget Request Form - Q1 (Jan 1 - March 31, 2022)
Please answer all questions as thoroughly as possible. The purpose of this application is to apply for funding for HMS/HSDM Student Groups from Jan 1st through March 31st, 2022. Society and class representatives do not need to submit this application, as your funding is pre-allocated from the budget.

STUDENT GROUP BUDGET REQUEST DEADLINE: Monday, Jan 24th at 11:59PM - no exceptions.

If you have any questions, email Message Subin Jeong (508-963-7157) or Yilong Peng (512-920-9276) for any urgent matters.

NOTE: Your student group must have pre-registered as a student organization to apply for funding. If your student group does not appear in the list below, your student group did not register for Fall 2021. Please email if you have any questions on how to register your student group.
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Email address *
Select your group from the list below. *
Note, the abbreviation below may not match your preferred organization abbreviation - that is ok! These are just working markers for our accounting purposes. If your group is not listed or if you have an (N/A) in front of your name, it means that your group is not yet registered for Fall 2021. Please register your group here to be eligible for funding. If your group has a (P) listed in front of it, that means that your group is on probation for this quarter and your ability to request funds may be limited.
Q1 2022 Total Allocation Request (maximum $150): *
Main organization contact email address? *
This may be the Treasurer, President, or a person in your leadership team that will primarily be submitting reimbursement requests on behalf of the student group.
Planned events for the quarter. Please include 1) name/description; 2) anticipated cost; 3) expected attendance for each proposed event. This is not binding. *
How many active members in your group? *
Does your group receive any regular external funding? If so, how much on an annual basis? *
If no, write n/a
Have you received any recent external funding (e.g. donations, grants) that has not yet been deposited? This may be annual or one-time deposit. *
If yes, Subin and Yilong will email you directly.
Did you request funding for Q4 2021 (Oct 1 - Dec 31)? *
Did you use at least 50% of your received funding for Q4 2021 (Oct 1 - Dec 31)? Note: as long as you submitted a reimbursement request, you have used your funding. Don't worry if you have not received a check yet. *
Due to the high volume of funding requests and in order to ensure that all student groups have access to the limited amount of Student Council funding, all student groups must spend at least 50% of their allocated funding each quarter. If a student group was unable to meet that spending requirement, they will be put on probation status for the following quarter. Probation status indicates that the student group won’t be able to request more than what they spent in the next quarterly budget.
[OPTIONAL] If your answer to the above question was "No," please let us know why this is the case.
Any additional questions or remarks?
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