What Type of Romance Reader Are You?
Let ARRT know about your Romance comfort and discomfort zones before the 2018-2019 Genre Study! We can then suggest a few books for you to select from for the first meeting.
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How often do you read romance books?
What was the last romance book/love story that you remember reading?
Did you like it or not? Why?
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What type of romance is your catnip?
List your favorite romance themes/tropes.
(For example: alpha males, friends to lovers, second chance love, arranged marriages, pets, bikers, billionaires, Scots, pirates, sports, military, cowboys, issue driven. See also: http://bit.ly/2AfkKi7.)
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On a scale from “Sweet” to “Anything Goes”, how hot do you like your romance? You can pick multiple types.
(If you don’t read romance, apply the same scale to your tolerance of sexually explicit content in your favorite genre.)
As a reader’s advisor, what type of romance reader is your greatest challenge?
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