Pennsylvania 2020 Fellows Application!
Fill out this form to apply to the 2020 Fellows Program, a joint project of PA Stands Up and PA United!

Application deadline: Jan 24, 2020.

The 2020 Fellows Program is a volunteer, year-long program designed to provide the training, support, and tools for our members to take responsibility for collectively flipping the state. The fellowship program is designed for emerging grassroots leaders who are looking to step up, build power, and help change the world in 2020. Fellows will register new voters, draw thousands of people who have been disconnected from politics into the political process, and build a strong community of people committed to revitalizing our democracy.

The Fellows Program will intentionally develop a diverse group of leaders across the state, and encourage people to make a long-term commitment to building power with us, whether that’s joining a county leadership team, running for office, or taking on another leadership role. Together, we will be able to run the canvasses, events, and member outreach necessary to win in 2020 and build permanent progressive infrastructure for the future of our state.
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The official local chapters of PA Stands Up and PA United are listed below. If you are applying to the fellows program from another county or organization, please select "other" and describe in the following question.
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We are committed to building a diverse cohort of fellows across the state of PA. Please fill out the following information so we can build a team that represents all of PA.
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Building a movement to win in 2020 and beyond is a monumental task that will take all of us. The commitments we make to each other are what will determine the success of the 2020 Fellows Program.
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