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As mentioned in the bulletin and email correspondence, Seven Holy Founders will be holding Children's Liturgy on the second Sunday of each month at 9am mass starting September 8th. All children ages 2 - 7 are invited to join us!

Father will announce a blessing for the children before the readings, and the leaders and children will go to the Rectory for their liturgy. During this time, children will get the opportunity to listen to the readings, do an activity, socialize with peers, and grow closer to Jesus. Children will return during the offertory for the remainder of mass.

If you would like to accompany your child to the first couple of sessions, you are more than welcome to! We do ask that if your child is 2 years old that you attend with them regularly to help with transitioning, crafts, etc.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out. (

Thank you so much,
Stephanie Eggleston
Emma Vonder Haar
Brenna Roth
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At first we will hold Children's Liturgy only at 9am mass. There is a chance this could be expanded. Please choose the mass time you and your family is most likely to attend so we can plan for future Sundays. *
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If interested, have you taken the Protecting God's Children course through the Archdiocese? This course is required for all adults to work with children's programs in the Archdiocese.
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