Pulsar Mentoring Programme
Thank you for applying to be a Pulsar mentor. The information contained on the completed form is confidential and will not be shared with any persons other than the Mentoring Programme Committee.

If you have any questions regarding the mentoring programme or the application process please do not hesitate to contact us at pulsar@sisteranalyst.org 
Thanks for your interest in our programme.
Closing date: midnight on October 20 2022.
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Applicant declaration: I acknowledge that any personal information supplied to Pulsar is done so voluntarily to facilitate the processing of this application. I furthermore acknowledge that the information provided by me, is to the best of my knowledge both true and correct, and I understand that any incorrect or inaccurate information or documentation submitted may adversely affect the manner in which Pulsar processes my application to be a mentor.
Disclaimer: The information you are voluntarily providing will be used to help assist us in achieving the Pulsar mentoring programme goals. The information collected will be shared with the Pulsar Mentoring Programme Committee.  
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