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TEDx Talks are subtitled on the Amara platform. After subtitling is completed and talks are published, the subtitles automatically sync to the TEDx YouTube channel.

Want to add a TEDx Talk to Amara for subtitling? Just fill out and submit the form below. Before you do, though, be sure to read the following information carefully.

Please check that the talk you'd like to add isn't already on Amara; you can search here to find out: If your talk comes up in the search results, verify that it's affiliated with the TED team: click the video thumbnail and look for the TED logo in the left column. If your talk appears on Amara but isn't affiliated with the TED team, you'll be able to address this in the third section of the form. Finally, please don't add videos that lack speech (such as performances, music without lyrics, etc.).

After you submit your form, we'll email you when your TEDx Talk is available to subtitle.
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Please provide a link to your TEDx Talk on YouTube. Please submit only one talk per form.
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Only complete this portion if you find your video on Amara, but it's not affiliated with the TED team.
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Please list the username(s) of the volunteer(s) to whom you'd like to assign subtitling task(s). Amara usernames can be found on the upper right corner of a user's Amara account (in a red profile box.) Volunteers must be members of the TED team on Amara (here's how to join:, and must have less than five in-progress tasks.
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