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Art is therapeutic, Art helps us connect better and Art is a way of being.
At Rajasthan Studio, we have art experiences for every interest.

Join our community of artists/creative professionals providing the most unique experiences online across the world. We're looking for hosts who believe that you, are your experiences; not the things that you own.

Rajasthan Studio Art Experiences - Changing the way, you explore and learn the world around you

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We are looking for artists who can bring the enchantment of an art workshop online and meet these following requirements:
4 E's for a great Experience
1. Easy to do / Simple: Requires minimum preparation and materials for those attending
2. Engagement: Focus on participation, hands-on activities for those attending
3. Expert Knowledge: Specialist who has exceptional skill, ability, or background on the subject
4. Ease of use of Technology: Comfort with the Zoom platform and audio/video setup.
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