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Thank you for your willingness to contribute a case study and/or examples to "Sharing Spaces and Students: Employing Students in Collaborative Partnerships." Please complete the form below and I'll be in touch on or before Monday, July 30th. Send any questions my way to Holly Jackson at
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Your case studies and examples are being sought for the following chapters:

Hiring Students
- This chapter focuses on the various parts required to hire students for a collaborative partnership - how to create a job description, how to decide who pays the student employee's salary, how to draft a student employee contract, and how to craft the interview process, including set-up, questions, and evaluation. Examples will be provided and each sub-section will provide a prompt for readers to use as they develop their hiring process.

Annual Goals
- This chapter emphasizes the importance of goal setting in a partnership, as well as important topics to reflect on while goal setting. Examples will be provided, as well as prompts for readers to use in their own goal setting process.

Developing Training
- This chapter delves into how to develop a training program and includes advice and recommendations for utilizing existing training and materials, as well as how to align training with your goals and practice a more hands-on approach rather than a lecture. Along with sample program ideas, prompts will be provided for readers to reflect on their own needs.

Assessing Success
- This chapter will focus on different ways to evaluate both the success of the partnership and the student employees' performance. Sample practices, evaluations, and surveys will be provided, as well as prompts for readers to reflect on in order to craft their own assessment tools.
In which chapter(s) do you think your case study and/or examples would best fit? *
In a few sentences, please describe your case study or example(s), as well as how they would fit in with the chapter(s) you have selected above. Be sure to include details about your partnership and who the stakeholders are with relation to the student employees. *
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Do you feel that you will be able to send your 1,000- to 2,000-word case study or examples in by the Monday, September 17, 2018 deadline? *
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