Conceptualizing Poverty
As a Middlebury College Thought Leadership Fellow, I am in the process of designing a project by the end of the semester which deals with power, privilege, equity and or race. An issue which I have tried to grapple with my entire time at Middlebury is the dichotomy that exists between the extreme wealth (although not for all) that can be found at the college and the poverty that exists in Addison County. Last year in Paris, I was part of a group called Une Couverture pour l'Hiver, which is a student group at the Sorbonne that helps people who are homeless. The goal of the group is not only to provide blankets/clothes to people on the street but also to engage in discussion with those that are homeless. In connecting these two thoughts, I wanted to bring the voices and experiences of those from the Middlebury community to Middlebury College. I want to better understand what poverty looks like in Addison County and in doing this, break down socio-economic barriers while challenging prejudices and assumptions. I am also interested in learning about Middlebury College students’ ideas, thoughts and perspectives on poverty. I am hoping to use this survey to do that, providing the space for students to send in pieces of art, poetry and or thoughts on what poverty means to them. Thus, I hope to bring the various perceptions from the community together with those from the college. Ultimately, I envision the project culminating in some sort of public display or exhibition of stories, artwork, statements and portraits.

Responses can be as short or long as you would like, any submission in any format is welcome (drawing, painting, a poem, written piece, photograph, video, a single word). Thank you so much for your thoughts and your time!

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