She Exports Training Course for Women Business Owners (Entrepreneurship Course in English in February - June 2019)
The training course is initiated by She Exports Program and arranged in partnership with Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Ukraine with financial support of The Netherlands Enterprise Agency of The Ministry of Economic Affairs of the Netherlands.


Women-led businesses (female entrepreneurs) with export potential will develop the necessary skills regarding innovative entrepreneurship and international cooperation in order to contribute to the economic development of Ukraine.

This project aims to train 20 Ukrainian female entrepreneurs with an established business (since at least 2 years) and export potential, so that they are competitive at the global market. The 20 entrepreneurs will mainly, but not exclusively, be selected in the following industries: Beauty and Wellness, Textile and Apparel, IT and BPO, Agri-Food, Equipment Manufacturing. The chosen industries are classified by ITC SheTrades as high potential sectors for women in international trade.


The selected entrepreneurs will receive 3 interlinked training modules (the content is based on the She Exports analysis) focused on the skills that are needed as a(n) (women) entrepreneur in the global economy:
1) Business plan development: how to develop a sustainable business plan that fits global standards? (a two-day training)
2) Innovative entrepreneurship: how to be innovative and keep track on global trends? (a two-day training)
3) Entrepreneurship soft skills: communication, management, pitching e.g. (a two-day training)

Finally, the 20 participants that completed the training successfully will participate in a women business event in Kiev where they can pitch there ideas to the business community.


This training course will include 6 training days and a final event:
Training 1 - Two training days on February 28 - March 1, 2019 in Kyiv.
Training 2 - Two training days in March 2019 in Kyiv (preliminary in the period of March 28-29).
Training 3 - Two training days in April 2019 in Kyiv (preliminary in the period of April 15-17).
Public presentation of projects by attendees - An event on June 5,2019 in Kyiv.

Additional tasks and assignments between trainings will be published online and should be completed with colleagues of your enterprise and individually.


20 promising Ukrainian female entrepreneurs will be selected and trained. They will gain the following skills and knowledge:
• how to develop a sustainable business plan (using the Business Model Canvas methodology and lean validation)
• how to innovate surfing on global trends and adopt them in business
• how to be persuasive - pitching, negotiation, leadership
• how to increase export readiness.

After the training modules 20 participating entrepreneurs will identify a new business project or an improved business case and an action plan and present their projects at the public event on June 5, 2019.

The project suggests solution tailored for the Ukrainian market to impact both 20 individuals selected for the training classroom course and the online audience due to content online.

The result of the course is forming a community of activists who are committed to share their new skills and knowledge for longer and bigger impact and increase visibility of Ukrainian female entrepreneurs.


Language of the course is English.


The unique training program for women-owned businesses will be delivered by a team of Dutch and Ukrainian trainers in cooperation with Noorderwind, a collective of serial entrepreneurs that use their business skills to speed up innovations that contribute to a better tomorrow. The experts of Noorderwind that will be part of the special training course of She Exports Program are Sanne Mylonas and Christiaan Maats.

Sanne Mylonas took her first entrepreneurial steps in Greece in 2013, where she set up her first startup: a platform for Greek product designers to export their products to other markets. In the following 3 years she won an award for best promising startup idea and learned all the tips and tricks of running an export business. In 2016 she decided to return to her home base in the Netherlands to focus on educating international entrepreneurs and helping them accelerate their business case. A year later she joined Noorderwind as partner.

Christiaan Maats is the mastermind behind the first 100% biodegradable shoes that bloom: after they are worn plant them anywhere you want and they will turn into wildflowers. For 7 years he worked on his business OAT Shoes, learning everything about sustainable innovation, production and partnerships. Nowadays he works as a designer and educator teaching students and entrepreneurs to align their company values to brand identities and product designs that make real impact.

The Dutch trainers will conduct trainings focused on business model development and soft skills for business.

The Ukrainian trainers Victoria Spashchenko, Klaudia Shevelyuk and Alina Sevastyuk will cover such topics as global trends, sustainability, and solution-focused approach. Other guest speakers will be invited to cover specific cases.


This tailor-made program offers you practical, hands-on trainings that helps you develop your company to an international level. You get the chance to meet international experts that give you insights on the doing business abroad and opens your network of international partners, clients and financiers.

By joining the training program you get in touch with fellow entrepreneurs, enabling you to exchange your knowledge and network so you can expand your business and learn from the experience of others.

Participation in the course is free of charge.
Travel and accommodation costs should be paid by participants themselves.


Submit this application form and send a motivational letter how you are going to share your knowledge with other women in business and develop innovative entrepreneurship by February 4 17:00.
Step 1. Please fill in this application form and submit by February 4, 2019 17:00.
Step 2. Send your motivational letter in English how you are going to share your knowledge with other women in business and develop innovative entrepreneurship by February 4, 2019 17:00 be email to
Step 3. Register your business at a website of Export Promotion Office and complete test 'Export Readiness Test' (Оцінка готовності до екпорту) by February 4, 2019 17:00.

Only selected candidate will be contacted.


20 promising Ukrainian female entrepreneurs with an existing business for at least 2 years will be selected.
The entrepreneurs should have a solid business idea but they might lack the necessary skills/training.
Here under the selection procedure is indicated. 20 Ukrainian female entrepreneurs will be selected on the basis of:
1. An application form (below)submitted online.
2. A motivational letter in English about participation in the training program and commitment to share experience with other women during and after the training sent by email to
3. A positive score (results) of the export readiness test to be completed online at;
4. A phone or/and Skype interviews to identify readiness and commitment to work with their teams on training assignment between modules, share their practical experience with other women entrepreneurs and build business alliance to multiply results and ensure sustainability
5. Sufficient command of the English language in both writing and speaking to effectively participate in the training course.

Please fill in the application form below and submit online by February 4, 2019 17:00.

When interested to attend the She Exports training course in February – June 2019 in Kyiv, please submit your application form online ( ), send a motivational letter in English to and register your business profile at by February 4, 2019 23:00.

Contact person: Alina Sevastyuk (

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Контактна особа щодо програми She Exports: Аліна Севастюк

Відповіді на типові запитання.

1. Програму She Exports було створено у 2017 році як платформу для підтримки жінок-підприємниць.

2. Передбачається участь одного представника від компанії.

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6. Тренінги починаються о 9:00 і тривають до 18:30.

7. Передбачається виконання практичних завдань між тренінговими модулями протягом лютого - червня 2019 року.

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