Sunday Sessions Testimonials
As of June 2016, the free handouts from Season 1 of "Sunday Sessions with Huei" were downloaded over 7,000 times!  Thanks to everyone who sent personal messages, comments, and social media posts to let me know how they worked for you.

More questions continued to flow in after the Season ended, and it was clear that more answers were needed.  As a result, I've been in the process of building out an extended version of these lesson topics, with even MORE examples, MORE text descriptions, and MORE exercises!  I'm calling it the Marching Percussion Playbook, the lessons I learned and the approach I use when teaching my students.  It will have 5 high impact lessons, information that would take multiple private lessons to teach, and will continue to marinate in your playing long after you begin using the exercises and approach. These lessons are the ones people found most helpful and were most talked about last season.  More info on this to come!

I'm now specifically looking for the people who downloaded and used the handouts from Season 1, found value in them, and experienced success after using them. Maybe you haven't used the handouts, but you've tuned in for Sunday lessons -- great. I'm looking for a few words from people that are enjoying the content and have found it beneficial.

If that's you, please fill out the survey below, and tell me about your story.  I'll be using your feedback to build the product, and with your permission, include testimonials in my future materials.  If you didn't use the handouts, but you've seen me teach or work, please feel free to leave me a message below as well :)

Thanks so much for watching, and I look forward to talking with you soon.  I appreciate your time!


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