Houston Arab Community Mutual Aid Donor and Volunteer Form

Dear community,

With the outbreak of the coronavirus, members of the Houston Arab and Arab American community have banded together to organize coronavirus relief efforts for our community (please see below for list of involved organizations). We believe that through collective solidarity we can overcome the problems we face as individuals and as a people. We have circulated a form, found here: https://forms.gle/NLSPfR66jtbcgeNv5, that seeks to identify the needs of the community so that we can organize to meet those needs.

As part of this effort, we are putting a call out for volunteers and donations. If you would like to volunteer or would like to donate financially or specific goods or services, we ask that you fill out this form. For those who own businesses and are currently hiring, we would also love to connect job-seekers to you. We can use all the help and support we can get. All donations are tax-exempt and we are able to provide a letter that represents tax-exempt status.

Please reach out to us at hacma.tx@gmail.com for more information.

Drop-Off Location:
Arab American Community & Cultural Center
10555 Stancliff Rd. Houston - TX 77099
Phone: (832)351-3366 (PLEASE PHONE AHEAD)
Drop off days ( Mon - Fri )
Drop off hours ( 1pm - 4pm)

The following organizations are sponsoring or participating in the Houston Arab Community relief efforts (in alphabetical order):

Algerian American Association of Greater Houston - AAA-GH
American Lebanese Cultural Center - ALCC
Arab American Cultural & Community Center - ACC
Egyptian American Society of Houston - EAS
Iraqi American Society of Houston - IAS
Jordanian American Association of Houston
Jordanian American Society of Houston
Libyan Community in Houston
Moroccan Society of Houston
Palestinian American Cultural Center of Houston - PACC
Palestinian Youth Movement - Houston Chapter - PYM
Sudanese American Public Affairs Association of Houston - SAPAA
Syrian American Club of Houston
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VOLUNTEER QUESTION: Would you like to volunteer?
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VOLUNTEER QUESTION: Where do you live? Please specify a major intersection, neighborhood, or zip code. This will help with volunteer coordination.
VOLUNTEER QUESTION: Are you fluent in both Arabic and English?
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VOLUNTEER QUESTION: Have you been diagnosed with coronavirus or have exhibited symptoms of coronavirus?
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VOLUNTEER QUESTION: What kind of work can you contribute to to support the Houston Arab Community Mutual Aid team? You can select more than one.
BUSINESS OWNER QUESTION: Do you own a business in Houston? If so, are you hiring? Please provide details regarding position, including responsibilities, part or full-time, etc.
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