Parent Brag Sheet 2020 - 2021
I want to write a GREAT letter for your student as Common AP schools and Scholarships read and value the voice of your counselor. Don't worry too much about crafting a perfect response. I am more interested in anecdotes that highlight your child's uniqueness. Please take the time to expand fully on each of the the prompts. Brag! Brag! Brag!
Parent Brag Sheet
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Please provide an anecdote (or anecdotes) from your child's high-school years that best reflect your child's character, integrity, compassion for others, and/or maturity. *
Looking back, can you share a story from your child's school years that best reflects the young person he/she is today? *
Does your child have interests, talents, or hobbies you might see at home or in the community that may not have surfaced at school? *
If you had to describe your son/daughter in five adjectives, what would they be? *
Are there any unusual or personal circumstance that have affected your child's education or personal experience? (OPTIONAL) *
Is there anything else that you would like me to know? *
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