Research on migrant integration services and service user involvement
Non-profit organisations are often the first point for migrants in their new community, providing vital services to facilitate a smooth transition. I am conducting research about how organisations design and deliver migrant integration services (i.e. language classes, social and professional integration services) and the approaches of service user involvement. Given the challenges that organisations are facing in regards to COVID-19, I am interested to know what your primary concerns/challenges are and how you are coping.

This survey will take no more than 5 minutes and will help me to design my research. You will also have the opportunity to indicate whether you would be interested in participating further to co-create the research or act as a case study. Thank you!
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What types of services does your organisation offer?
Who are your service users (i.e. age range, country of origin, legal status, etc.)
Are your services run by paid staff or by volunteers?
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other people who are involved in running your services?
How has the COVID-19 pandemic impacted your organisation?
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What are your organisation's current concerns/ priorities?
Which areas of research would be the most interesting/ useful for your organisation? (select all that apply)
Would your organisation potentially be interested in participated in the research as a case study and/or in co-creating the research?
Do you have any suggestions of other individuals/ organisations in Glasgow that I should get in touch with?
Any other comments?
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