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What's one management or leadership goal you could achieve six months from now that would make a BIG difference to you?
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What would have to happen, personally and professionally, in the next few months, for you to feel you've made progress on your goal?
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What are the three biggest things you are tolerating in your management or leadership life?
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Which of the following ways do you "sabotage" yourself?
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What area of leadership would you like to focus on over the next three months
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Bottom line, regarding your management and leadership, what do you want, or what do you want to do?
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What does that look like? (Can you visualize it yet?)
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How will you know you've achieved it?
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Think about where you are now. Are you heading in the right direction?
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What might be in the way?
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How coachable do you suspect you are?
Which leadership skills would you like to improve?
What would you probably get from group coaching that would be most valuable to you?
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If known, what is your preferred learning style?
How affordable do you feel a $300 monthly investment in your leadership development is for you?
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