COVID-19 Anti Asian Violence: Narrative Collection Form
As folks at the intersections of being LGBTQ + API, we are feeling the severe impact of being vulnerable to COVID19 as a pandemic as well as the subsequent rise in xenophobia and fear driven violence that is targeted at us. We are launching a new storytelling collection campaign that aims to highlight our narratives in mainstream media and public consciousness. If you have been impacted by violence due to COVID19 please reach out to us by filling out this form. NQAPIA will compensate those whose narratives will be highlighted across various forms of media.

Our eventual goal is to publicize all narratives to draw attention to the impact on our community, which is often overlooked. But we will not publicly release your narrative without your review and consent of the final version to be publicly released.
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Lastly, have you already reported the incident to authorities or some other hate crime tracker? Or posted it online, if so can you attach link? There is no right or wrong answer to this! We all process violence differently. *
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